Cyber Operations Tools:
Stemming the Threat through I.T.
Experience Innovative Cyber Solutions First-Hand and Up Close
Building a World-Class Cyber Security Operations Center Using a Cyviz Visual Display Solution

Cyviz specializes in Command and Control visual display solutions (VDS), which include the displays, the processors, and the control system. The Cyviz VDS will benefit your Cyber Security Operations Center with a (1) COE - common operating environment, (2) Scalability, and (3) Simplicity, allowing for supreme situational awareness.

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Palo Alto Networks Demonstration - Building or Realigning the Next Generation Government Cyber Security Operations Center

No intelligence exists without visibilityvisibility across the whole network, including endpoints, for all applications, all content, and all users. Join us for a demonstration to see first-hand how employing a Palo Alto Networks platform including network and endpoint visibility and threat prevention can significantly increase that visibility and subsequently accelerate the SOCs intelligence capability. The Palo Alto Networks platform detects ever-changing threats, but more importantly provides the ability to prevent them as soon as possible, ideally before they have detonated on the network.
Reduce the Risk of Data Breaches with PowerBroker Solutions

Our privileged account management solutions protects against malicious insiders; over-privileged employees and contractors; and external attackers with stolen credentials. Join us for a demo of how our unified privilege, session & password management solutions stop APTs & other privilege-based threats.
Real-Time Threat Mitigation Using SDN

Network security is on every IT professional's mind. Automating the mitigation of attacks is paramount to the network architect, but being able to redirect the data being attacked to secure areas for analysis is even better. Using SDN, Brocade can show you how to leverage your network in a new, automated and efficient manner with respect to IT security.
Modernizing Cybersecurity with API Security Gateways

Threat vectors have evolved and the landscape of computing imposed by Mobile and Cloud Computing technologies has extended the boundaries of information exchange and the surface area for attacks. Discover how modern architecture design with API Security Gateway technology can greatly improve security by consolidating access control with information assurance.
nGenius Forensic Intelligence

NetScout's nGenius cyber solution provides High-Fidelity and reconstruction of network activity for quick and decisive investigation and response to security incidents. Leveraging captured network packets, this highly specialized packet forensic analysis tool delivers automated, accurate, chronologically accurate, and contextual user session reconstruction and visual replay of targeted network activity with simple point-and-click analysis.

Keynote Speaker: Gregory Touhill

Gregory Touhill, Brig Gen (ret), CISSP, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity and Communications at US Department of Homeland Security