Course Agenda

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Fundamentals of Selling IT to the Government 

Introduction to Government / Checks and Balances
Describe the factors that make selling technology into the federal government different than selling into commercial sales

Budget Process
Outline the most important elements of the authorization, appropriations, and apportionment process
Describe the process that leads to spending plans for major IT systems
Describe the impact of agency restrictions under a Continuing Resolution

Procurement Drivers
Describe current trends in federal government purchasing
Demonstrate the ability to analyze budget funding 
Identify opportunities based on the analysis of budget funding

What are the key informational resources in identifying funded opportunities in the federal space and how do we use them? 
What are the major drivers/requirements influencing the government’s decision-making process and how you can best position your company's solutions to effectively address them? 

Sales Resources & Opportunity Identification
Describe the typical program lifecycle and the associated sales activities that correspond to the stages of a program’s development
Identify key players in government decision making and the best practices for selling to key players
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Contracting Essentials 

Introduction to Contracting
Describe what factors influence a Contracting Officer’s procurement decision making
Identify the difference between contract methods and contract types and the limitations of each
Define key words and acronyms associated with government procurement, including RFQ, IFB, and RFP
Describe the meaning of Best Value
Identify who has the authority to sign procurements
Describe the types of business set-asides and when they can/must be used
Identify the latest trends in contracting policy and law

Contracts Management, Pricing, and Price Reduction Clause
Define commercial sales practice (CSP) disclosures and penalties for failure to disclose
Describe how the government is assured of a fair and reasonable price throughout the contract term
Describe the price reduction clause, legal implications and how companies can assure compliance throughout the contract life
Identify the pros and cons of direct and indirect contracts

Go-To-Market Sales Technique
Identify tactics for your company to connect with customers

Compare the two types of teaming arrangements 
Teaming between a prime and a sub to respond to an RFP 
Teaming multiple GSA schedules together to offer a schedule-based, multi-vendor solution 
Describe which of the teaming arrangements leads to a subcontract
Define the best practices for the types of teaming agreements

Takeaways / Conclusions / Q&A